See what our guests are saying about their time in Fun Diving Vacantion.

We had an outstanding trip. Our crew could not have been better. Pavel was technically an exceptional instructor and captain and we always felt safe. Prior to the every day trip he was very accessible which made us feel more comfortable. As the cruise continued I think we got to know him personally and had some very meaningful evening discussions.
— Dirk Francis
Peter was a very accommodating Divemaster . I felt like everything happened very smoothly and with precision. I would highly recommend this crew and Dive Centre . Suzana was amazing with food, the acommodation was not new , but was always very clean, overall a great experience. Would go again.
— Sandy LaPlage
Niki and diving staff was underwater ( onboard also ) very serious. She had obviously reviewed our requests and her asistance and diving was great.

The boat itself met our expectations and was very comfortable. and fast . We are already thinking about next year.
— Seymour Destiny
The team made sure that everyone was well looked after, comfortable, well fed and always happy about everything, whether it be excursions to Marine National Parks, restaurant choices, activities (scuba diving, snorkeling or just hanging out) or sharing their knowledge about the region. The food on the Dive Centre (don’t miss her amazing Dalmatian Cevabs plus toast) prepared was wonderful. Cocktails were great (Suzana went to great lengths to find a drink that matched our perfect idea of a specilal mix — ask for Bart Simpson !) and the diving was fun. Whatever we seemed to want the crew was excited to make happen.
— A & P
To have enjoyed this extraordinary natural beauty of stay in Tisno . Nice diving places ..Aboard VSSL was both a treat and a privilege. She is a beautiful and exceedingly well-appointed diving vessel, solidly built, supremely comfortable and — perhaps most importantly — very well maintained. At the end of the day, however, a boat is just fiberglass, wood, plexiglass, engines, electronics, and other systems. It is the Skipper and the diving staff who transformed our stay into a dream vacation.
— Buckminster C.
It is what I would call a solid 4.5 star experience. In other words, I give it a 9 out of 10.
— Quentin T.